Let’s Celebrate

Who Is Freddie’s

Freddie’s is your favorite cannabis dispensary. We are dedicated to providing the highest quality product, the best service, and the most passionate budtenders. When you walk into our joint, you’ll know that it’s not all about business here – it’s about the people. You’ll talk plenty about product, effects, benefits, and more…but you’ll also hear stories, laughter, fun, and love. We’re family at Freddie’s and so are you.

Our namesake, Fred, was a passionate man who lived a passionate life. He often spoke of the health effects of cannabis but was a true believer in the spiritual side of the plant. Our goal is to provide all of our customers with the joys or needs that cannabis can provide. Whether for health, pleasure, or somewhere in-between, just know that when you’re at Freddie’s, we’ve got you covered.

Let’s celebrate the good times together.


You’re Family Here


Always Be Original


Enjoy Your Friends


Enjoy Your Friends


Set Passion To 11

Welcome To Freddie’s Family

Freddie’s believes everything is better with friends. To join, we simply ask you to be different for the fun of it. Be an original. Rock your passions. To be committed to be the best, and to trust us to show you the way. Come in and reach for the stars with the finest cannabis products to send you on your journey.

First Time At Freddie’s?

Our experienced budtenders are here to help educate you on any and all of our products. We will advise on what best fits your needs and instruct you on the safe and proper ways to store, handle, and use our products.